Free Wi-Fi Program for Education

Internet has become one of the most important aspects that support education in Indonesia. By having the Internet, all students all round Indonesia can have access to everything happening the the world today. As one of the leading Internet providers in Indonesia, Biznet has a special program called "Free Wi-Fi Program for Education" that gives free Internet access for schools so more students have access to the Internet and able to learn many things that happening around the world today.

This program is specifically designed yo support the learning process in schools that is hoped to give positive contributions in preparing young generations with the best individual qualities for the future. By providing high-speed Internet connection up to 100 Mbps, Biznet is giving access in three locations including school hall, canteen, and library.


The Importance of Internet for Education

The development of technology in our daily activities can give positive effects, including in the educational sector.

Applying Online Final Test, Is It Effective?

In the educational sector, final test is one phase that all students must go through. It was conducted to test the level of understanding based on the learning process that has been completed.

Biznet Provides Free Internet Service for Schools

As a company that focuses on providing Internet service, Biznet is committed to continue supporting the growth of education in Malang through "Biznet Free WiFi for Education" program.


Bring Internet to support teaching and learning in your school.
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