Biznet Dark Fiber provides one stop solution to operate your own network, without having to build and manage your physical cable network. Biznet can design, build and monitor the Fiber Optic cable for you.

Biznet is expanding the fiber optic network, which can support your needs for now and the future. Biznet Fiber network are connected with buildings, exchanges, satellite teleports, ISP and NAP.

Biznet Fiber network is available in more than 180 cities in Java, Bali, Sumatra, Bangka, Batam, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Flores islands. We are actively expanding our network throughout Indonesia to support the demand of better telecommunication & multimedia services. For more information about Biznet Fiber coverage area, please click here or contact our Account Executive.

With Biznet Dark Fiber, you can use any device based on your bandwidth requirement, from Ethernet 1/10/100 Gbps, CDWM/DWDM or a specific storage protocol as EISCON/FICON. We will manage the infrastructure for you, so you can stay focused on your business and your application.

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