Biznet Provides Free Internet Service for Schools

  • 09 June 2020

Biznet network is available in Malang supported by Biznet owned Fiber Optic network that has reached 40,000 KM in Java, Bali, Sumatra, Batam, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. As one of the fast growing cities in East Java, the presence of Biznet in Malang is hoped to the solution for many sectors in the city, including education. As a company that focuses on providing Internet service, Biznet is committed to continue supporting the growth of education in Malang through “Biznet Free WiFi for education” program.

As one of Indonesia’s local companies, Biznet realizes that company has huge responsibilities in terms of giving positive contributions for the country including to support the improvement of education in terms of quality in Indonesia, by providing free Internet service for schools through Biznet Hotspot.

Biznet has been providing free Internet service for several schools in Indonesia

Ongky Putra Wijaya Laksono, Branch Supervisor of Biznet Malang Branch said, “Internet has become one of the main supporting mediums for education in Indonesia. Through Internet all students throughout Indonesia can gain knowledge about many things that are happening in the world, that they have not known before. Therefore, seeing those needs, we are providing free Internet service through ‘Biznet Free Wi-Fi Program for Education program’”

As a form of corporate social responsibility, Biznet has provided free Internet services in several schools in Indonesia, including 4 schools in Malang, including Madrasah Aaliyah Negeri 1, Madrasah Aaliyah Negeri 3, Kolese Santo Yusuf High School and Corjesu High School. “This service is expected to help teachers and students in carrying out teaching and learning process as well as making a positive contribution in preparing high quality next generations,” said Ongky.

Biznet Hotspot is a quality free WiFi service from Biznet and available at public places and facilities such as coffee shops, fast food tenants, restaurants, schools, offices and malls. For more information about Biznet Hotspot service and location, Click Here. In addition, the people in Malang can also visit Biznet Malang Branch office at Jl. Letjen Sutoyo No. 3B.

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