Biznet Studio is a content production division who provide an exclusive inhouse channel targeting Indonesia audiences. Own by PT Biznet Multimedia, a subsidiary of integrated digital infrastructure company in Indonesia, providing Internet, Data Center, Cloud Computing and IPTV services. The in-house channel launched on December 12, 2012.

Inspirational Content Ideas
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Watching television may offers a great way to relax and get inspired. After all, television is a powerful medium that can transport us into different worlds, making it easy to explore new ideas.

Biznet started creating world-class content produced by Biznet Studio Team. Come with various content for your family at home, such as promoting Indonesian heritage culture, food show, music show, animation, and other entertainment content, and sure everything is available 24 hours in HD and 4K quality.

Find something that spark your imagination and get the creative flowing or just another much-needed entertainment. So subscribe Biznet IPTV, grab your remote and get inspired.

Biznet Promo SD

Biznet IPTV Ch. 001

Displays shows in Standard Definition (SD) format. Find various information about technology and latest promos from Biznet.

Biznet Kids HD

Biznet IPTV Ch. 100

A various entertainment and educational content that contains moral values ​​and full of inspiration makes our children grow well and be happy. This content is available in High Definition (HD) format.

Biznet Lifestyle HD

Biznet IPTV Ch. 300

Various inspirational content from the latest information such as technology, lifestyle, events, cultural diversity and Indonesian tourist destinations, beautifully captured in High Definition (HD) format.

Biznet Eyeventure 4K

Biznet IPTV Ch. 310

Indonesian tourist attractions are famous for their natural beauty and cultural uniqueness. Find your favorite destinations from the underwater world to the highlands in epic 4K image quality.

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