Biznet Internet Exchange (BIX) with AS38060 is an interconnection service that connects and provides direct access between telecommunication and content providers.

BIX is available in three Biznet Super POP locations that include Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang and Bali, which offers an upgraded Network Topology and CDB Gateway that can provide the best possible solution for customers.

BIX can reduce latency or hop to domestic destinations, which avoids transit hop or local exchange in Indonesia, so customers’ existing IP Transit service can be more effective and efficient, as well as able to boost local communication. BIX is designed and targeted to support the development and growth of local Internet ecosystem.

BIX was designed to allocate traffic with access to top-ranked content providers like Google, Facebook, Akamai, Netflix, Microsoft, Garena, and Shopee, and suitable for business segments including Enterprise, Government, Cloud Providers, and also Education institutions that require a special service for content exchange purposes, which also includes the following:

Content Provider

  • Game Provider
  • E-Commerce
  • News Portal
  • Forum Portal
  • Cloud Provider

Telco and ISP

  • ISP
  • NAP
  • IXP

Education Institutions

  • Universities

Financial Institutions

  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Insurance


  • BUMN

BIX Features

  • Route Server (RS)
    An Interconnection method between routers with BGP protocols using 3rd party systems.
  • Policy
    Includes Policy Routing In and Routing Out
  • BIRD (BIRD Internet Routing Daemon)
    A system that supports all routing technology.
  • Portal IXP Manager
    A full-stack management system for Internet eXchange Point (IXP) requirements that include administrator management and IXP member portal access.
  • IXP Manager Customer Portal
    A feature that allows users to have control in managing the service using features that include Graph Traffic, Peering Manager and Route Server Prefix Analysis Tool.
  • Adminstrative / Automation Features IXP Manager
    Enable users to Add / edit / delete core IXP objects like Presence, Cabinets, Switches, Ports, IP Addressing, VLAN and customer port.

BIX Server

Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server: ntp.biznetnetworks.com

How to be connected to BIX?

  • Customer must gain AS (Autonomous System) number and own BGP4 ISP routing control protocol-supported networks.
  • The Peering Agreement used between BIX members is Multi Lateral Peering Agreement (MLPA).
  • Customers can utilize port capacity up to 80%. For utilization above 80%, customers are requested to upgrade the current connection of order a new connection to Switch Peering.
  • Customer can have direct connection to all Biznet POP all over in Indonesia (Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Jimbaran, Batam, Pontianak, Manado, Palembang, Bandar Lampung, and Medan).
  • Customers can rent Datacomm circuit and interconnection to BIX network.

Terms and Conditions

  • Cross connect and delivery of BIX-only service is only available in Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang and Bali.
  • For other cities, customers will be charged a fee for Local Loop/Datacomm to the nearest POP (P2P).
  • The price of BIX service applies for 1-year period.
  • AS Number (ASN)/Prefix service activation from downstream BIX members will be allowed after the process of Biznet team verification process is completed.
  • One ASN can only use 1x10Gbps of maximum capacity. If more capacity is required please contact Biznet Carrier Team by email to carrier@biznetnetworks.com.

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BIX Member Lists

Name Logo ASN WEB IP
Biznet 17451 www.biznetnetworks.com
PT. Darta Media Indonesia 132164 www.kaskus.co.id
PT. Ambhara Duta Shanti 38165 www.smartconnect.net.id
PT. Berca Hardaya Perrkasa 9785 www.jasatel.net.id
PT. Centrin Utama 9326 www.centrin.net.id
Citranet 23951 www.citra.net.id
Cyber Network Indonesia 38496 www.cni.net.id
PT. Hawk Teknologi Solusi 45786 www.hts.net.id
Hypernet 38758 www.hyper.net.id
PT. Indonusa System Integrator Prima 4382 www.indonusa.net.id
PT. Indosat Mega Media 4795 www.indosat.net.id
PT. Media Lintas Data 45312 www.medialintas.com
PT. Lintas Data Multimedia 139449 www.lintasdata.net.id
KSNET 18112 www.ksnet.co.kr
Mitra Visioner Pratama 64315 www.mvnet.co.id
Gerbang Akses Indonesia 138143 www.gerbangakses.net.id
PT. Lintas Data Prima 45707 www.ldp.net.id
PT Mora Telematika Indonesia 131111 www.moratelindo.co.id
PT. Adi Inti Mandiri 46061 www.aim.co.id
PT. Yasmin Amanah Media 139964 www.yam.net.id
MyRepublic 63859 www.myrepublic.co.id
PT. Usaha Adi Sanggoro 55700 www.as.net.id
Quantum Tera Network 46023 www.quantum.net.id
PT. Latansa Teknologi Multimedia 59285 www.latansa-id.net
PT. Alfatih Indo Teknologi 139951 www.alfatindo.net.id
PT Solusi Aksesindo Pratama 24525 www.net-zap.com
PT Solnet Indonesia 9422 www.solnet.net.id
PT. Awinet Global Mandiri 133360 www.awi.net.id
PT Giga Digital Nusantara 141145 www.giganet.co.id
Surya Global Teknologi 45718 juragan.net/
PT. Juragan Wifi Indonesia 141073 www.jwi.id
PT Data Buana Nusantara 138886
PT. Fakta Jabbar Industri 139958 www.jabbar23.net
PT Mega Artha Lintas Data 136873 www.megadata.net.id
CV. Interkoneksi Media 45312 www.interkoneksimedia.com
PT Mitra Media Data 138866 www.mmd.net.id
PT Celebes Media Jaringan 63874 b-net.id/
PT Wahyu Adidaya 140469 www.winet.net.id
Biznet GIO Nusantara 133800 www.biznetgio.com
Jatayu Internet Service Provider 59149 www.jatayu.id
DISKOMINFO Banyuwangi 134635 www.diskominfo.banyuwangikab.go.id
PT Lintas Data Prima 45305 www.ldp.net.id
PT. Blambangan Cahaya Timur 59158 www.blambangan.co.id
Spicelink Broadband 131713 www.spicelink.net.id
PT. Varnion Technology Semesta 45287 www.varnion.com
Koperasi Maju Bareng Bersama 141601 www.koperasimabar.co.id
Grahamedia Informasi 38515 www.grahamedia.net.id
Grahamedia Informasi 137326 www.grahamedia.net.id

BIX Network Peering Status

Daily Statistics (5 Minutes averages)

Weekly Statistics(30 Minutes averages)