What is Biznet Internet Exchange?

Biznet Internet eXchange (BIX) with AS38060 is leading choice for ISPs, Telcos and Content Providers to connect their networks to Internet or customers. BIX is set to be a neutral commercial Internet Exchange in Indonesia. You can take advantage with more interconnection choices, multiple peering and transit agreements via a single connection.

BIX is co-located at Biznet Data Center to provide the best security and reliability. Supported by certified Network Engineers, we will ensure the network is running at the highest SLA to support your business.

We interconnect small and large Internet Service Providers, international carriers, mobile operators, content providers, VoIP providers, application providers, web hosting providers and other related businesses - all unified in one Internet Exchange: BIX.

How to connect to BIX

  • Customers of BIX service are required to obtain an AS (Autonomous System) number and to have a network supporting connection by BGP4 ISP routing control protocol.
  • Peering agreements between BIX customers are Multi Lateral Peering Agreement (MLPA).
  • Customer is allow to use 80% of port capacity. For over 80% port utilization, customer will be requested to upgrade or order a new connection to the peering switch.

BIX Advantage YYY

  • Robust Interconnection Switching Hardware.
    With the latest Layer 2/3 Switching Router ensures the peak performance for your interconnection networking.
  • Multiple Interconnection Partners.
    With vast selection of operator interconnection partners, it allows you to select your selected network provider that you would like to partner with. BIX offer public and private peering between the partners thru single connection at our Interconnection Switch.
  • Direct Connection to Biznet Fiber.
    By connecting your internet network to Biznet Internet Exchange, you can connect directly to Biznet Fiber.
Servers at BIX

Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server: ntp.biznetnetworks.com

Interconnection Points

BIX can be interconnected at:

  • Biznet Data Center
  • Cyber Building

BIX Member Lists

Name Logo ASN WEB IP
PT. Darta Media Indonesia 132164 www.kaskus.co.id
PT. Media Sarana Data 55666 www.gmedia.net.id
PT. Angkasa Komunikasi Global Utama 17450 www.angkasa.net.id
PT. Bakrie Telecom Tbk 38149 www.bakrietelecom.com
Bali Socket 59156
PT. Berca Hardaya Perrkasa 24212 www.jasatel.net.id
PT. Bitnet Komunikasindo 18156 www.bit.net.id
Biznet 17451 www.biznetnetworks.com
PT. Cakra Lintas Nusantara 24206 www.cakralintas.net.id
PT. Centrin Utama 9326 www.centrin.net.id
Citra Sari Makmur 18379 www.csmcom.com www.csmcom.com
Citranet 23951 www.citra.net.id
Cyber Network Indonesia 38496 www.cni.net.id
PT. Dewata Telematika 58396
PT. Core Mediatech 9794 www.dnet.net.id
PT. Dwi Tunggal Putra (DTP) 18059 www.dtp.net.id
Greenlinks 38776 www.mygreenlinks.net
PT. Gudang Teknologi 45756 www.gudangteknologi.com
PT. Hawk Teknologi Solusi 45786 www.hts.net.id/id/
Hypernet 38758 www.hyper.net.id
PT. IndoInternet (Indonet) 9340 www.indo.net.id
PT. Indonusa System Integrator Prima 4382 www.indonusa.net.id
PT. Indosat Mega Media 4795 www.indosat.net.id
PT. Interlink Technology 45298 www.interlink.net.id
PT. Jala Lintas Media (JLM) 55685 jlm.net.id
PT. Sejuta Jaring Global 18112 www.ks.net.id
PT. Aplikanusa Lintasarta 4800 www.lintasarta.net
PT. Media Lintas Data 45312 www.medialintas.com
PT. Melvar Lintasnusa 9657 www.melsa.net.id
Moratelindo 23947 www.moratelindo.co.id
PT. NTT Indonesia 10217 www.ntt.co.id
PT. Padi Internet (PadiNET) 23756 www.padinet.com
PT. Pasifik Satelit Nusantara 9875 www.psn.co.id
PT. Simaya Jejaring Mandiri 38783 simaya.net.id
PT. Supernet Advance Teknologi 58514 www.super.net.id
PT. Uninet Media Sakti 17884 www.uninet.net.id
VIPNET 23698 www.vip.net.id
PT. Excelcomindo Pratama 17885 www.xl.co.id

Status Jaringan Peering BIX

Statistik Harian (Rata-rata 5 Menit)

Statistik Mingguan (Rata-rata 30 Menit)