The Importance of Internet for Education

  • 08 May 2020

The development of technology in our daily activities can give positive effects, including in the educational sector. The educational sector that has supports from Internet technology has created distance learning concept that can be used by teachers and students in schools. Therefore, Internet holds an important role as the facility to support the growth of education quality in Indonesia.

The main advantage of having an Internet in education sector is that it can be the tool to search for information. Moreover, the information is more updated compared to books or the library. We can say that all information about education can be accessed through the Internet, such as learning subjects, curriculum, syllabus, test samples, and tips on how to finish the test. Moreover, Internet also help you to find reference on literature by a simple click based on your needs, and you will immediately get the information you need.

Also, the use of Internet technology that is being highlighted today is distance learning. Distance education concept can be found in numerous universities that provide online classes, which allow students be access classed without having to be present in class. We can also access learning modules from a distance with having to worry about where we are. Internet also holds an important role for scholars to seek for scholarships. Through the Internet, you can easily access information about scholarships from all over the world.

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