• Coverage : 115 cities, 1,827 subdistricts, 2,287 buildings, 340,010 homepass
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World Class Service

Biznet offers full range of telecommunication and multimedia services to meet both business and consumer demands with competitive price. Our Customer Care and Network Operation Center are available 24 x 7 x 365, via phone, email or live chat.

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World Class Network

Biznet Fiber and Biznet Global Internet network performance is the highest in Indonesia.

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World Class Engineering

Biznet is a technology company, with commitment to innovate and invest on the latest technology for better service and larger network coverage to our customers. This commitment is supported by the best Engineering Team, mostly graduated from leading universities in Indonesia and abroad.

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World Class Contents

Biznet connects directly to multiple Tier-1 backbone providers and leading Internet Exchanges in the world to deliver the fastest and shortest route to the network destination. Biznet has direct agreement with many content providers for our Cable TV Platform.

Biznet Fiber is 100G Ready Network

Biznet Fiber is the fastest and most reliable Fiber Optic network in Indonesia. With our latest Optical Transport Network (OTN) equipment, we're THE FIRST PROVIDER in Indonesia that can deliver 100 Gbps network service anywhere within our Biznet Fiber coverage area. No more waiting, buffering or lagging, you can spend more time on the things you like. Network at speed of light is here.

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Recent News

Biznet always try to create new innovation and improve service quality, to increase our customer satisfaction. Please check out our events for the latest update and promotion.

Recent News Events

Corporate Events

Biznet sponsors lots of events and holds routine roadshow and customer gathering.

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Recent News Corporate

Corporate News

Find the latest update from our press release.

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Recent News Inspire Magazines

Biznet Inspire Magazine

Inspire is published by Biznet, contains of the latest information about technology and lifestyle.

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2019 Promotion

As part of our commitment to continue giving the best service quality to all customers, Biznet is announcing a new promo program special for Biznet Metronet service, which will give an added value for the growth of your business.

Biznet Metronet

Buy 10 Free 2
1 January 2018 - 31 December 2019

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Biznet Technovillage Facility Tour

Want to know Biznet's most sophisticated facility? Please register here.

Our Clients

Our customers are important to use. We want to make sure the business run smoothly when using our network.

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  • Dominos's Pizza Dominos's Pizza
  • Etihad Airways Etihad Airways
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