Applying Online Final Test, Is It Effective?

  • 09 June 2020

In the educational sector, final test is one phase that all students must go through. It was conducted to test the level of understanding based on the learning process that has been completed. To be able to graduate, each student on senior years need to join National Test (Ujian Nasional/UN). Along with the development of technology and based on many frauds found in the process of UN, the government is applying an alternative by creating online-based test. To complete online-based test, participants need to access the Internet, and they won’t be needing any stationary by just need to use a laptop or computer, or now they can use smartphones or tablets as long as those devices are connected to the Internet.

The use of computer as a test device gives many advantages, especially in therms of administration purposes, scoring effectiveness, and also saving expenses for the use of papers. Aside from motivating the students, online test can avoid leaks and many possible frauds to happen. Online test can result in a trusted and valid scoring and results. Moreover, when manual test requires more time to write in the answer sheets and remove the writings when students wish to revise the answers, it’s not happening in the online test. Participants are only required to answer and delete the answer automatically using the computer. Time efficient is one of the advantages of online test.

Lack of ability to operate computer and Internet

However, the use of computer as a medium for school final test is not completely better compared to conventional test using papers. Computer-based test has high complexity and relying not only on infrastructure. This test system requires socialization and training for those who need them, especially those who are not really familiar with computer. Lack of ability to operate computers and Internet that most supervisors are still having is one challenge that we must face in conducting online test.

Other disadvantage is related to the availability of Internet connection. in big cities, this disadvantage can be handled more easily. But for rural areas in Indonesia that still hard to reach by Internet connection, it can become a challenge to be able to conduct online test.

Basically, if its not being handled and prepared properly, online test will not be effective and can actually give negative impact during the implementation and the the result. Despite its advantage and disadvantages, online test has become a step taken by the government as part of the efforts to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. This method is also hoped to create high quality human resources with high intellectuality.

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