Tips on How to Prepare for Blood Donation

  • 14 May 2020

Blood donations a healthy and noble thing to do. Healthy because it can lower down the risk of cancer, heart attack for those who are overweight, and reduce the level of iron, and help to detect health condition. Noble because we can help other people who need blood donor due to certain condition. But to really make sure you are donating your blood for the right purpose, you need to do several things before you donate your blood:

  • Several days before donating your blood, consume healthy food that contains iron such as green veggies (spinach), red meat, fish, beans, etc.
  • For those of you who have issues with low HB, don’s consume coffee or tea several days before you donate your blood, because your HB will be difficult to increase.
  • Drink more water, don’t fast a day before donation day and avoid alcohol and other bad habits.
  • Have proper sleep, don’t stay up late several before donation day to maintain blood level and to stay fit.
  • On the day of donation, have breakfast at least 1 hour prior.
  • Consume healthy food before you donate. Avoid food with fat including hamburger, french fries or ice cream. Because the infection test is being done to all bloods for donation, and it can be affected by the level of fat in your blood hours after you had your meal.
  • For trombosit donors, remember that your body needs to be free of Aspirin for at least two days before donation day.
  • After you donate your blood, lie down for a while to avoid side effect that might show up. Usually when you are lack of preparation you will feel a bit dizzy, cramps and headache.

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