Bali Declares 'Garbage Emergency' Due to Many Trash Issues

  • 08 May 2020

Whats on your mind when you see a pile of trash? Do you know that trash has become a major issue that Indonesia need to deal with? Along with the increasing number of population, the number of trash is also increasing. The low awareness from people about trash issue has become one factor that worsen the condition. Bali is also dealing with this issue, and it event declared ‘Garbage Emergency’ status due to the pile of trash that keep increasing in many beach in Bali.

As one of the best holiday destinations in the world, Bali should be a place of comfort for tourists with the amazing views or nature. But the beauty of Bali seems to be covered by trash, which consists of plastic trash that came from human. Last of awareness from people to maintain the cleanliness of the beach has become a main factor and its hard to change. Aside from awareness, trash issue in Bali is getting worse during rain season due to the speed or wind that pushes trash from the sea to the the beach line.

This condition needs yo have our attention. As one of the main holiday destinations in the world, keeping our environment including Bali beach clean is our responsibility. Not only to keep Bali as the best tourist destination, keep our beach clean will also preserve sea ecosystem, reduce the risk of flood, and to avoid hurting sea animals who are trapped in plastics trash.

This condition is somehow sad and encouraged Biznet to take the role in keeping Bali beach clean. Biznet invites the people to be aware about the cleanliness of many beach in Bali by doing real actions, and one of them is by not throwing trash into the sea of beach, reduce the use of plastics and help to spread an important message about the importance of keeping our beach clean. Lets build our awareness to keep our beach clean for our future generations.

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