AYANA Group and Biznet Donate APD to Hospitals in Bali

  • 23 May 2020

AYANA Hotel Group and Biznet is donating APD including hazmat suit, medical mask, N95 mask, fabric mask/face protector, goggle glass and hand gloves. The donations was given to several hospitals in Bali and surrounding communities including the people in Jimbaran Village, Mangusaba Badung Hospital, Sanglah Hospital, and Udayana Hospital. This APD donation for medical personnel was aimed to support hospitals to handle COVID-19 Pandemic.

We see that APD is the main equipment for medical personnel who are on duty to handle COVID-19 patients in this pandemic. The requirements for APD is increasing and more stocks are highly needed, and it has inspired AYANA and Biznet to work together in giving APD to several hospitals in Bali to help medical personnel who are fighting to save COVID-19 patients.

According to Stefan Fuchs as the General Manager AYANA Resort, “Based on AYANA principles, we are always supporting the people and glad that we have the opportunity to help and express our gratitude to all medical personnel that stand on the front line of COVID-19. They are our national heroes.” This program is hoped to support in terms of APD stocks and also to express our appreciation to those who are still fighting during this pandemic. “We are proud to be part of this program, and in this opportunity we would like express our gratitude for the amazing work of all medical personnel in the front line. We are committed to helo COVID-19 patients to stay strong and think positive always,” added Adi Kusma, Biznet President Director.

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