Skateboard Community in Indonesia

  • 09 June 2020

Talking about skateboard, we might think straight about extreme and adrenaline pumping kind of sport. But as sport that is loved mostly by young generations, skateboarding is still considered as a fun kind of sport as well. Since skateboarding popular in Indonesia back in the 90s, it has been growing significantly. We can see it by looking at the number of skateboard communities in many big cities in Indonesia, and able to launch professional and pro skateboarders who successfully attended and won many national and international competitions.

Not just conducting skateboard trainings together, this community gives many useful insights for its members. They can have more friends with the same hobby, which is skateboarding. Each member of this community is available for all other members who wish to learn new tricks and also to lift their spirits after they experience injuries. Skateboard is an attractive sport for young people and it has been proven that it can be a positive magnet for young generations to explore their creativity.

Skateboard communities in several cities in Indonesia

In Jakarta, there is one community called Senayan Skateboard, which was formed by a group of youngsters who often skateboarding at Gelora Bung karno, Senayan, since 1994 until today. In Yogyakarta, skateboard communities generally formed back in the 1990s that was started with small groups in small cities that continue to grow until now. Each community has its own characteristics and names, and communities from small cities gather and form into one bigger communities. This kind of groups can be a medium for their members to share knowledge and information about skateboard. Various events conducted by many communities can build potential improvements from each and every communities. Skateboard communities called Predator is one of most popular community among many skateboard communities in Yogyakarta.

Moving on to Bandung, we will meet Street Skate Family, one of skateboard communities that was formed in 2007 by a group of young people with the same hobby, which is skateboarding. In Bali, there is a skateboard community called Bajing Skate Team who practice in an empty field, since space for these kinds of activities is still limited in Bali. For you who live in Batam, you can join Batam Skateboard Community or Bascom. This community was formed in 1999 with an idea to become the media for kids, teenagers, and grown ups to gather and skate together, and to keep people away from negative activities.

Those are some of the skateboard communities in Indonesia. For you who live in those cities and interested to explore skateboarding, you can join those communities and have a great time exploring skateboarding together. There are many other communities in more cities in Indonesia for sure, and with the development of technology, skateboard lovers in Indonesia who haven’t joined any communities can get updates and information about skateboarding via videos on YouTube. Skateboarding is a sport that worth to try by all young generations, boys and girls.

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