The Beauty of Bali Beach

  • 09 June 2020

The island of Gods have become one of the main destinations for domestic and international tourists due to the beauty or nature, culture, and the people offered by the island of Bali. Natural tourist destinations in Bali are the main attractions for many tourists who visit Bali, especially the beach that people can easily find around the island.

Bali beach is famous for its beauty unlike other beaches including its white sand, challenging waves, sunny sunlight, and amazing sunset. Most people know about Kuta beach as the most popular beach in Bali, while there are other beach that offer amazing natural beauty. If you are looking for a beach with white sand in Bali, you can go straight to Balangan beach, and you can also find black sand beach in Purnama beach.

Balangan beach is also known as the heaven for surfers

Balangan beach is located in the south Bali, Badung district. The white sand beach is considered as beach with limited visitors and located far from the city center. But Balangan beach must be included in your list of destinations because it offers amazing natural beauty unlike other beach.The limited access offers its own uniqueness for those who wish to have a sense of calmness during their holiday in Bali. Moreover, Balangan beach is also called the heaven for surfers because the waves are high and big.

If you want to visit Bali beach and to know its culture, like Melasti and Melarung ceremony, you can visit Purnama beach. The name Purnawa was taken from the habit of local visitors during the full moon. This beautiful black sand is located in Banjang Lumpang Telabuh, Cukawati Village, Gianyar. This beach is located 50 KM from Denpasar and can be reached through Standing Stones Restaurant.

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