Biznet Hold Blood Donation Events

  • 09 June 2020

This blood donation event is an annual program conducted by Biznet as part of company’s social responsibility, especially to help those in need.

“Biznet is committed to give positive contributions for the environment, especially for the people who are in need, and the commitment is being delivered by holding blood donation program that has become our annual agenda, and has been conducted every year for the last couple of years. We have been working together with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) and we continue supporting them by conducting Biznet Blood Donation program,” said Adi Kusma, Biznet President Director.

More than 150 blood donors participated in this event

Like the previous years, the blood donation event conducted by Biznet is open for public and attended by many people who came from companies with offices near Biznet Head Office, and also from Biznet employees. Every year, Biznet Blood Donation event recorded more than 150 donors with the same spirit, which is to help and give positive contributions to this in need.

Biznet hopes that the company can continue having this program as real support from Biznet to the community. “Biznet is trying to continue conducting blood donation event and other similar events as well, because for us, helping the people in need is our responsibility as part of the Republic of Indonesia,” Adi added.

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