Biznet Supports the Improvement of the Quality of Education in Indonesia

  • 09 June 2020

Based on government’s data about the education background of most employees in Indonesia, 42,5% are Elementary graduates, 66% Middle school graduates and 85% are High school graduates. This condition has become the government’s focus and has become our homework as the citizen of Indonesia to prepare high quality human resources, not only to support the development of the country, but also to improve the quality of Indonesia’s human resources to be able to compete with other developing countries in the world.

Based on existing facts and data, the quality of education in Indonesia still listed as 10 countries with the worst quality of education in the world. Therefore, the government has been taking real steps to improve the quality of education in Indonesia, which must be supported by making the best efforts to adjust the quality of education in all areas in the country. It is our job as a citizen to continue the government’s programs and initiatives to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) and BOS (School Operational Support) Program

One of the challenging factors is the limited access for children in Indonesia to get proper education. High education cost and economy conditions are two factors that cannot be separated from one another. Several programs that have been rolled out by the government include Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) and BOS (School Operational Support) program that allow more children in Indonesia to have access to proper education. Moreover, more institutions and independent boards, as well non-government institutions, are taking part to support the program by providing educational funds or scholarships for Indonesian children with potentials, to be able to give significant changes to the improvement of education in Indonesia.

As an Indonesian-owned Internet provide company, Biznet has the responsibility to support the quality of education in Indonesia. Biznet supports are being delivered as part of Biznet Foundation, a special institution that was established to show the company’s commitment to give positive contributions for Indonesia. One of the programs conducted by Biznet Foundation is a scholarship program for potential individuals that is hoped to make new improvements and changes for Indonesia, to compete in the the global world.

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