Biznet Support Education by Launching Scholarship Program

  • 09 June 2020

Education is an important foundation for the best of our country, and education holds crucial role to give better future for a better life. As a company that cares about the quality of education, every child deserves to get proper education as per each child’s interest, gift and level of intelligence. Biznet is committed to support the government in terms of education sector by launching scholarship program to help potential students and college students in continuing their studies, to reach bigger potentials to support the growth of Indonesia.

Biznet also realizes that the company holds an important role to reach the dreams of many Indonesian children for higher education. This scholarship program is hoped to save the best Indonesian generations who are forced to stop their education due to economical conditions or living circumstances. Adi Kusma President Director of Indonesia stated, “every child has their own dream to be successful and become a child that parents are proud of. Therefore, as an effort to fulfill their dreams we are launching a scholarship program, which is part of our social responsibility to support education in Indonesia.”

People are required to run learning activities online

Along with the development of technology, most people are required to run various activities online. Therefore, the first selection process that we are doing is collecting candidates online. Anyone can apply for this scholarship program to reach their dreams. All participants can easily register and apply via online through the online form on Biznet Foundation website, and share an outline about the reason why they are applying and why Biznet should choose them. For participants who successfully picked online, they will have the opportunity to continue to the next step.

Biznet sees that the growth of a company is supported by potential young generations. Biznet also realizes that Biznet is part of Indonesia, so in the future the company hopes this program can support the growth of education sector as per government directions. “We do hope that this program, can support the development of our country through potential young generations, as per our commitment, Biznet would like to have a better Indonesia, to compete with other developing countries,” Adi added.

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