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Donations of APD and Sembako

During the ongoing pandemic, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) becomes a mandatory requirement for medical personnel. The increased number of infected patients certainly has an impact on the increasing demand for PPE, which makes the available stocks are running low. Based on the condition, Hotel AYANA Group collaborates with Biznet to provide PPE in the form of hazmat suits, medical masks, N95 masks, cloth masks, google glasses, face shields, and gloves that are being donated to several hospitals in Bali, with a hope that it can support medical personnel who are struggling to provide health treatments for the infected patients.

Not only affecting the health sector, the economic sector is also infected since many people are struggling. In order to help those who are affected by the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Biznet provided assistance through the Biznet Foundation Program, by distributing thousands of Sembako packages in the form of digital vouchers to those who are in need. Biznet donation programs are hoped to be able to support many people who are affected by the pandemic, and also to help medical personnel who are fighting together to fight COVID-19. We also hope that the COVID-19 pandemic will pass, so we can all resume our normal activities and the economy can also fully recover.

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