• Coverage : 115 cities, 1,783 subdistricts, 2,206 buildings, 521,962 homepass

Data Communication with Ethernet Technology

Biznet DataComm is a data communication service that uses Ethernet technology within Biznet Fiber coverage area, within a city, inter city or globally.

Service Type

Service Description
InnerCity Biznet DataComm service within 1 (one) city
InterCity Biznet DataComm service inter city and inter island
GlobalWAN Biznet DataComm service globally

Wide Coverage Area

Biznet Fiber network is available in more than 120 cities in Java, Bali and Sumatra islands. We are actively expanding our network throughout Indonesia to support the demand of better telecommunication & multimedia services. For more information about Biznet Fiber coverage area, please click here or contact our Account Executive.

Service Features

  • Symmetric bandwidth from 1 Mbps - 10 Gbps
  • Can be use to connect the head office, branch office and data center
  • Safe, fast and very reliable
  • Cable connections using Ethernet Cat-5E cable with an RJ-45 connector (for > 100 Mbps), Cat-6 cable or fiber optic connection for > 100 Mbps

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