Biznet Launched Bali Beach Cleaning Program

  • 08 May 2020

Today, issues on trash and garbage in many tourist destinations are still being our main problem. Do you know that currently there are many beach are full of trash? Recently Bali is named as one of the areas with trash issue because many beach in Bali are full of trash, and 80% or the trash came from land, trash that people throw to the sea and beach on purpose.This condition affects tourism industry in Bali, especially since Bali is one of the magnet of tourism in the world. Not only affecting tourism, it is also affecting the life or sea ecosystem.

Based on the reality, we need to make real actions to save all the beach in Bali. There are many ways for us to do. First, we need to start with ourselves by not throwing trash into the sea or beach. We can also build people’s awareness about the importance of having clean beach, and share knowledge about how to keep our beach clean, such as cleaning the beach, conduct sea reclamation and plant mangrove along the beach, and build natural preserves around the bach to save the life of many animals around the beach.

As part of young generations in Indonesia, Biznet is inviting us to take the role to preserve many beach in Bali and other areas in Indonesia. One of Biznet participations to keep Bali beach clean is shown through a program called Biznet Bali Beach Cleaning program. For this program Biznet is working together with many elements who highly support the program, with a hope that we can all build people’s awareness starting from small acts such as throw garbage in the trash bin, not the sea or the beach. To know more about this program, follow Instagram @BiznetHome!

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