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Gregorius Aldwin

Born : May 25, 1995

From: Surabaya, East Java

Aldwin originally came from Surabaya, East Java and started his career as a Skateboarding Athlete at 14 years old. Since then Aldwin successfully won various local and international competitions, which led him to passed national classifications and chosen as one of the members of Indonesia’s national team members for Skateboarding. His achievements have also successfully taken him to the ASIAN Games 2018 that was conducted from August - September 2018, to represent Indonesia in Skateboarding sport.

Skateboarding was competed for ASIAN Games 2018 at Jakabaring City, Palembang on 28 – 29 August 2018. Prior to the competition, Aldwin and all Skateboarding athletes from Indonesia were sent to attend a special training in the US by Indonesian Roller Sports Association (Perserosi) as a preparation to compete in the ASIAN Games 2018. Gregorius Aldwin was Biznet Official Skateboarder for two years from 2018 - 2020

IG Gregorius Aldwin

ONIC Esports

Established : 2018

Home Base : Jakarta, Indonesia

ONIC Esports was founded in 2018 with a dream of becoming the best e-sports organization that represents South East Asia. ONIC consists of talented young generations in Indonesia with strong passion for online games, and ONIC has always been doing the best to make them shine. With a belief to see a bright future of esport as an entertainment, ONIC is committed to continue stepping up the game in the future. ONIC has 6 divisions that include Mobile Legend, PUBGM, DOTA2, AOV, FREEFIRE, and FIFA19.

One of the best achievements of ONIC came from its Mobile Legend team by winning Piala Presiden Esports 2019 as the champion. In 2019, ONIC Mobile Legend team has also won other competitions including IPWC Season 5 & 6, Dunia Games League, and Straits Championship by Global Rogs.

IG ONIC E-Sports


Established : October 2013

Home Base : Jakarta, Indonesia

Founded in October 2013, Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) was established with a combination of the best Indonesian DOTA players that have been well known among International online gaming communities. By end of 2017, RRQ began exploring other online games such as the popular FPS game Point Blank and the highly successful mobile game, Mobile Legends. As of today, RRQ has more than 8 game divisions including FREEFIRE, FIFA, APEX LEGENDS, PUBG and PUBGM by acquiring some of the best talents not only from Indonesia, but from other regions as well.

RRQ Mobile Legends division is one of the divisions with a long list of achievements by becoming the champion of various competitions including Bekraf Game Prime 2018, Mobile Star League Season 1, MLBB 1st Series Indonesia Pride Weekdays Challenge 2, Mobile legends Celebration Cup 2018, and MEC Showdown Professional Bracket 20. In 2019, RRQ Mobile Legends has also successfully winning MSL Season 2 Championship and SEA Clash of Champions 2019.


Persik Kediri

Established : 1950

Home Base : Kediri, East Java, Indonesia

Kediri Indonesian Football Union (Persik Kediri) was established on May 19, 1950, with the hope to bring Indonesian football to the international arena. This team has a home base at Brawijaya Stadium and known as the White Tiger (Macan Putih). Persik Kediri has many achievements and produces high quality players. They started playing in the Main Division of Indonesian League in 2003.

Persik Kediri, who won the Indonesian League in 2003 and 2006, managed to become a representative of the Indonesian Club competing in the Asian Champions League. Persik has Played in the Asian Champions League twice, in 2004 and 2007. Furthermore, Persik Kediri also won many prestigious matches including third place in Main Division of 2013 Indonesian League, champion of 2013 East Java Governor’s Trophy, champion of 2015 East Java Governor’s Trophy and third place in 2018 Indonesian League.

IGPersik Kediri

Priska Nugroho

Born: May 29, 2003

From: Jakarta, Indonesia

Priska started her debut as a professional tennis player at the New Armada XVIII Tournament in Magelang, Central Java in 2014 when she was 11 years old, where she successfully reached semifinal for both single and double tournament. She began her tennis career at 7 and with full support from her parents and family, she successfully ranked 40th in the ITF World Junior Rank in 2019 with a goal to be in the top 20 by end of 2019.

She won the WA Junior Grasscourt Championships and Professionals Michael Johnson’s & Co in Perth, Australia in December 2014. In 2016 she gained victory by winning the ITF Junior Circuit in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, which made her ranked 1432nd before she climb to 665th position in just 2 months. Her career has been climbing ever since and she successfully ranked 40th in the ITF World Junior Rank, that led her to participate in the Traralgon and also joined her first Grand Slam at the Australian Open Junior Championships in 2019. Priska Nugroho was Biznet Official Tennis Player for one year from 2018 - 2019.

IGPriska Nugroho