Skateboarding, The First Extreme Sport that Enters the 2018 Asian Games

Several years ago, we might consider Skateboardas simply a hobby for many people. But looking at how more people are getting more enthusiastic about this sport, the number of skateboarding athletes is also increasing significantly. Skateboarding, a sport that is categorized as extreme sport, is no longer considered as a hobby, but has been listed as a sport with many athletes in Indonesia. Until finally, for the first time, skateboarding was chosen as a sport that is being competed in the International sporting event, the 2018 ASIAN Games, on August - September 2018.

Skateboarding was founded in the mid 1940 - 1950 by Franky Nasworthy, a surfer from California, who at that time was looking for another alternative for surfing when the sea waves are off. Since then skateboarding was being played by more people and the first skating board was produced similar like surf board, but with smaller size and additional roller skate tires.

In Indonesia, skateboarding was starting to be popular in 1980s. As time went by, this sport continues to grow among young generations in Indonesia. Since then we can find many skateboarding championships that successfully create many skateboarding communities as well as talented skateboarders.

Biznet has a commitment to support young generations in Indonesia to explore their creativity and to do what they love, and to try their best in giving positive contributions to our country. This commitment is showed through the support given to the growth of skateboarding in Indonesia, and by collaborating with one of the best young skateboarders in Indonesia, Gregorius Aldwin, who has become Biznet Official Skateboarder.