What occurred in our minds for the first time when we heard the name of Pekalongan City? Definitely some of us will think about "batik". Yes! Pekalongan City is very identical with batik. Even Pekalongan City entered the UNESCO creative city network in the category of crafts & folk art in December 2014 and has the city branding as the World's City of Batik. Pekalongan is one of the centers of economic growth in Central Java which is located about 100 km west of Semarang. But not only that, many interesting things from Pekalongan City that are not yet known, from its tourist destinations to its specialty foods.

Culinary specialties of Pekalongan has unique taste and is second to none, so that it's much favoured by locals and tourists. One of specialty foods is Megono Rice (Nasi Megono), which contains of young jackfruit mixed with coconut chili sauce. Savory and spice taste is typical characteristic this food has, make this food is mandatory to try at least once. Besides that, there is also Tauto Pekalongan, meat soup mixed with special tauco spices. Pekalongan also has beautiful tourist attractions such as Pasir Kencana Beach, Pekalongan Muncar Waterfall and Pekalongan Batik Museum.

Biznet has been presented in Pekalongan City since 2015, and gives free internet service in some locations, i.e. in Batang Town Square (Alun-Alun Batang) and Mataram Field (Lapangan Mataram). Batang Town Square (Alun-alun Batang) and Mataram Field (Lapangan Mataram) are famous destinations which visited by many locals and tourists. With the availability of this free internet service, people who visit Batang Town Square and Mataram Field can easily access the internet using free Wi-Fi connection from Biznet.

Biznet Branch Pekalongan

Ruko KH Mas Mansyur, Jl. K. H. Mas Mansyur No.30,
Bendan, Kec. Pekalongan Bar,
Kota Pekalongan, Jawa Tengah 51119