Tulungagung is one of the districts located in East Java Province, Indonesia. The central government of Tulungagung Regency is in Tulungagung Subdistrict, and is known as one of the largest marble producing area in Indonesia. Tulungagung is located 154 km southwest of Surabaya City, the capital of East Java Province. Historically, Tulungagung was a small area around the place which is currently the Tulungagung City Square. The name of Tulungagung was obtained because of the large water source at that time. In Kawi language, Tulung is a water spring. Whereas, the Agung is big.

The tourism industry in Tulungagung is growing with the main object is Popoh Beach, which offers the exotic beauty of its panorama. Moreover, there are several temples that can be visited such as Dadi Temple, Mirigambar Temple and Penampihan Temple. And for tourists who come to Tulungagung, they must enjoy the typical culinary of this region, namely Ayam Lodho, Sompil, and jenang grendol as a sweet dessert.

With the presence of Biznet in Tulungagung since 2018, it is hoped that it will help provide fast and quality internet services. So that it can have a positive impact to improve the ongoing and future regional programs. Biznet also provides free Internet services in several locations in Tulungagung such as Tulungagung City Square, Balai Kota Tulungagung, Tulungagung Regency Hall and also Tulungagung 1 Middle School.

Biznet Branch Tulungagung

Jl. Pangeran Diponegoro No.26E,
Tamanan, Kec. Tulungagung,
Kabupaten Tulungagung, Jawa Timur 66217