Surely you are no stranger to the name Tangerang City right? Yes, the city which is located just west of the capital city of Indonesia is the largest city in Banten. The location not far from the city of Jakarta can be an attraction for you to be able to visit the city. Tourism offered by the city of Tangerang is also interesting from other cities. Without the need to walk far to be able to enjoy the attractive scenery, it is one of the main advantages of being able to visit the attractions in Tangerang City.

Now, there are many tourist attractions in Tangerang that have managed to attract attention and must be visited, including Telaga Biru Cisoka which provides a beautiful view of the blue lake. Before becoming a blue lake, this place was a sand dugout that had no longer been in operation. After a while, more water is collected so that it forms a beautiful lake surrounded by rocky hills. Not far from Telaga Biru Cisoka, there are still other tours, namely Koja Cliff or better known as "Kandang Godzila". This natural tourist spot is filled with rock cliffs that are sturdy with green trees that make them naturally artistic.

In addition to the city of Tangerang offering the beauty of tourist attractions, Biznet has been present in Tangerang since 2012 by providing Internet services capable of supporting a digital lifestyle that is currently growing rapidly. Currently Biznet continues to expand its network in more areas in Tangerang and ensures all Tangerang people can enjoy an internet connection that has good quality to support all their digital activities.

Biznet Branch Tangerang

JL. MH Thamrin, Komplek Ruko Mahkota Mas,
Tangerang, Tangerang City, Banten 15117