This city has is known Santri City, since Situbondo is one of the cities with many Islamic boarding schools. Located in the north coast of the Java Island, Situbondo has cool weather since it is surrounded by tea, tobacco and national forests. Besides the agriculture and fisheries sectors, the tourism sector is also a potential in Situbondo. This is because of the strategic location of Situbondo which is directly bordered to the coastline, and protected forest areas that attract tourists to come.

The district bordered to Banyuwangi and offers beach attractions and cultural sites. Situbondo has the Pasir Putih Beach Situbondo, Balanan Beach with its clear water and Banongan Beach that can be visited for those who want to enjoy the sunset. For you who are looking for a typical Situbondo food reference, maybe you can try to enjoy Sodu Rice with pumpkin coconut milk and baked tuna, Tajin Palapa which is porridge served with peanut sauce, bean sprouts, water spinach, or one typical Situbondo satay, satay lalak.

Biznet has also been available in Situbondo since 2018. For the Situbondo area, Biznet also provides free Internet services in several locations such as Situbondo Square and Situbondo Culinary Park. So that for people who want to experience a faster Internet for free, they can come directly to these public areas, and it is hoped can answer all the needs of reliable Internet from the people in Situbondo.

Biznet Branch Situbondo

Jl. Achmad Yani No. 171 LK, Parse,
Dawuhan, Kec. Situbondo,
Kabupaten Situbondo, Jawa Timur 68311