Serang is the capital city of Banten Province, West Java. This city is considered as a special region in terms of culture especially languages, where most people of Serang are using a combination of Java Serang and Java Banten language.

Serang also has many historical spots including Masjid Agung Banten, which is a historical site during Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin era. The food and culinary are also tempting and delicious such as Rabeg or Goat Meat Semur, Bandeng Satay, Sumsum Rice, and many other delicious food.

In terms of technology, the City Government of Serang has also begun to apply systems and means of communication information that help people get adequate public services from the local government. To support this, Biznet has now been present in Serang City by offering Internet services for the advancement of the community in Serang City and also providing Biznet Hotspot Internet services to excellent schools in Serang City such as Serang 1 high school, Serang 1 Vocational School, Serang 14 Middle School, Serang 2 Elementary school.

Biznet Branch Serang

JL VETERAN I A3, Jl. Raya Banten No.5,
Unyur, Kec. Serang,
Kota Serang, Banten 42112