Pontianak is the Capital of West Kalimantan and also known as the City of Equator, since the located is crossed by the equator or latitude 00. In the north of Pontianak, in Siantan to be exact, you can find the Equator Monument that was built in 1928 by a geographical expert from the Netherland. Not only famous for its equator, Pontianak also has many tourism spots that you must visit, not to mention all the delicious culinary that you must try. The Monument of Equator is one of the locations that you must visit, especially on 21 - 23 March or 21 - 23 September, because during those periods, a natural phenomenon is happening where the sun is right on the top of the equator, so all the things placed on the equator line will have no shadows.

The Kapuas Square is also a place that you must visit when visiting Pontianak since its located near the Kapuas River, a famous river in Pontianak. Here, visitors can enjoy various tasty culinary while enjoying the view. Moreover, visitors can also visit West Kalimantan Museum or known as Pontianak State Museum. This museum is divided into three sections and each showcases different kinds of collections. The collections are ranging from artifacts founded in West Kalimantan, royal historical objects, handicrafts from Dayak Tribe, as well as Chinese ceramic collections.

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