Pati City is located adjacent to the Java sea in the north, Pati Regency consists of 21 Districts and 405 sub-districts, and turns out 70% of Pati City is agricultural land. Most of people here is using Javanese language in daily basis.

Pati is an area which has many appealing tourist destinations, among them are natural destination, beach destination, and also historical destination. Banyutowo Beach is one of Pati natural tourist destinations. In Banyutowo Beach, there is fishing boat dock that makes the scenery more impressive, the reflection of shadows from the boat above the sea at dusk will look very charming. There is also Sambilawang Beach Mangrove Forest, in here you can enjoy the beauty of sunrise from the behind of mangrove forest while fishing. Next tourist destination you can visit is Jolong Coffee Garden, this garden is the biggest coffee producer in Pati and the cool air is suitable for camping.

Biznet has been available in Pati City since January 2018, and provides free internet service through Biznet Hotspot in some lcations, one of them is in Mitra Bangsa Hospital. With the availability of free internet service, people of Pati City can easily access the internet by using free Wi-Fi connection from Biznet. Biznet also provides free internet service in several school in Pati in the hope of helping them on teaching and learning activities. One of school is SMAN 2 Pati.

Biznet Branch Pati

Ruko Diponegoro, Jl. Diponegoro No.151,
Pati Wetan/Dosoman, Pati Wetan,
Kec. Pati, Kabupaten Pati, Jawa Tengah 59119