Muncar is a sub-district in Banyuwangi, East Java Province. In Muncar sub-district, there is the largest fish port in Java, namely Muncar Port, which is the second largest marine fishing port after Bagan Siapi-Api. Muncar sub-district is also known as the producing area of watermelon, especially in Tembokrejo Village and Sumbersewu Village.

The most popular tourism destination in Muncar sub-district is Teluk Biru with its beauty of the under the sea panoramic. Moreover, there are also Kawang Mangrove Forest and Kili-Kili Panorama Mangrove Forest which was originally used as the location for mangrove tree conservation, and now has become a place for learning about mangrove as well as has become one of the choices for tourism destination in Muncar District.

At Muncar itself, Biznet has been provided its best Internet services since 2015 and continues to expand its network in more areas in Muncar, to provide fast and quality internet services for all Muncar residents.

Biznet Cabang Muncar

Jl. Raya Muncar No.1, Dusun Muncar,
Tembokrejo, Muncar,
Kabupaten Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur 68472