Not just famous as one of the biggest cities in Indonesia. Medan is also very popular because of its cultural diversity and natural beauty offered by the city that is identic with its Batak Tribe. Medan is a multicultural city with diversity that still holds many unique stories that most people are still unaware about. Usually, people come to Medan to enjoy its culinary and its natural beauty.

Medan has amazing and attractive tourist attraction. Some of the must-visit tourist attractions include the Tjong A Fie House, the London Sumatra Building, and Two Color Sibolangit Waterfall. moreover, your visit to Medan will not be complete without trying the local specialties, such as Mie Gomak, Dengke Mas na Niura, and Durian Medan, which are highly recommended.

In September 2020, Biznet officially started its operations in Medan, North Sumatera, as one of biggest Internet service providers in Indonesia that provides best Internet WiFi, to answer the demand for a reliable Internet connection to facilitate many people’s daily activities.

Biznet Branch Medan Sidodadi

Jl. Prof. H.M Yamin No. 40D

Medan, Sumatra Utara 20232