Madiun is one of the cities in East Java, which is also quite close to Solo, Central Java. Therefore, the majority of the population uses Javanese with Madiun dialect which is inclined to Solo accent. Most of the potential in economic development comes from agriculture such as rice, coffee, mango, durian, and forest products such as teak.

Apart from it, the tourism sector in Madiun also makes a significant contribution since the district has several tourist destinations that are worth to be visited. One of them is Mount Liman, which is the highest peak in the Wilis mountain. Moreover, Madiun is also famous for its traditional food, namely Pecel Madiun and Brem.

In Madiun itself, the government has also provided free Wi-Fi at more than 1000 locations, so that the people in Madiun can easily access the Internet. To support this, Biznet came to Madiun with the best Internet services for the people in Madiun since 2015. Biznet provided free Internet services that can be enjoyed by the people in Madiun in several locations such as Madiun Square City, Mastrip Statue, Kotak Joyo Market and City Library.

Biznet Branch Madiun

Jl. Cokroaminoto No.76A,
Kejuron, Kec. Taman,
Kota Madiun, Jawa Timur 63133