Kudus is one of the districts in Central Java Province. Capital of this district in Kudus City, located on the northeast coast line of Central Java between the City of Semarang and the City of Surabaya. This city is within 51 KM east of Semarang city, most of area of Kudus Regency is lowland. Kudus is known as the largest city of clove producers in Central Java and also known as the city of Islamic Students. This city is the center of the development of Islam in the Middle ages.

Kudus has rich of beautiful nature and you need to know, because of this beauty, Kudus is able to attract local and foreign tourists to visit and enjoy the beauty of Kudus natural scenery. One of destinations you can visit while in Kudus is Colo Kudus, in this place you'll be able to enjoy natural scenery of Colo tourism village as well as the spectacular view by hiking the Mountains of Muria. In addition, there is also religious sites which is Tower of Kudus (Menara Kudus). This tower becomes an icon of Kudus City and if you visit this place you'll be able to find the final resting place of Sunan Kudus behind the tower. The final resting place of Sunan Kudus is always crowded by visitors. Kretek Museum can also be your destination while visiting Kudus City, this place offers history and process of production of Kretek both manually and modern.

Since February 2017, Biznet has been presented in Kudus City as well as provides free internet service in several schools in the hope of helping them on teaching and learning activities. Currently there are several schools that have available Biznet Hotspot services which are SMA Masehi, SMP 1 Kudus, and SMP 2 Kudus. Besides schools, Biznet Hotspot is also available in Muhammadiyah University and Mardi Rahayu Hospital. With the availability of this free internet service, people of Kudus can easily access the internet by using free Wi-Fi connection from Biznet.

Biznet Branch Kudus

Ruko Grand Tanjung, Jl. Tanjung No.7,
Nganguk, Kramat, Kec. Kota Kudus,
Kabupaten Kudus, Jawa Tengah 59312