Kebumen is a district as well as capital city of Kebumen Regency. Central Java Province. Kebumen is crossed bby two large rivers namely the Luk Ulo River in the west and the Kedungbener River in the east. People of Kebumen Regency generally uses Javanese for everyday language.

Kebumen is indeed not a city that presents a variety of culinary choices, but still this area has a cultural heritage in the world of food, namely satay ambal (sate ambal). Satay ambal (Sate ambal) is chicken satay which unique compared to other satay in general, satay ambal is using seasonings from steamed tempe and it�s using palm sugar instead of soy sauce. Besides satay ambal, there is also Penggel Rice (Nasi Penggel), this food is commonly eaten by Kebumen people for breakfast. Penggel Rice is rice which is formed round and doused in gravy with side-dishes. There are also famous snacks from Kebumen, Lanting and Golag. Kebumen has new tourist destination, Butterfly Park (Taman Kupu-Kupu) and Martha Tilaar House (Roemah Martha Tilaar). These two destinations have program which expected to develop Kebumen.

Biznet has been available in Kebumen City since 2018.

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