Jambi is one of the cities as well as the capital city of Jambi Province. In Indonesia, there are only 3 provinces that have the same capital city name as the province. The city of Jambi is divided by a river called Batanghari, both of which are connected by a bridge called the Aur Duri bridge.

Tourist attractions in the city of Jambi are also not less interesting than other cities. Not only the stunning nature, Jambi also has a city tourism icon that is no less interesting and even a must-visit destination on the Gentala Arasy Bridge. The charm never fades, especially the unique bridge which has a length of approximately 540 meters built on the Batang Hari River looks so magnificent and beautiful.

Jambi is a city that is developing the Smart City program, there are at least 50 innovations that have been made by the Jambi City Government in facilitating services for the community. Biznet also provides Biznet Hotspot internet services in schools to support the advancement of education in the city of Jambi such as in Adhiyaksa High School and Sariputra Caka Mahaka Foundation. It is hoped that the presence of Internet services provided by Biznet will be a strong foundation to support the creation of digital needs in Jambi City.

Biznet Branch Jambi

Ruko 1D Jalan Hayam Wuruk No 197
Jelutung, Talang Jauh, Jelutung,
Jambi 36136