This district which is identical to the mango fruit is one of the areas that are part of the West Java province. The name Indramayu comes from the name Nyi Endang Darma Ayu, which is one of the founders of the district of Indramayu.

Besides being famous for mango fruit, Indramayu also holds attractive tourism potential to visit which is divided into natural attractions, historical sites, educational tours, cultural reserves, and other entertainment locations. Biawak Island, which is one of the favorite tourist attractions in the city of Indramayu. As the name implies, Biawak Island is an island that is home to hundreds of monitor lizards. An exotic place and also an old lighthouse that has been functioning since the era of colonialism. In addition to tourist attractions, culinary in Indramayu is equally interesting. Almost all visitors who come to Indramayu, will definitely be interested in trying this one culinary. Yes, Pindang Gombyang Manyung is similar to fish head curry which uses manyung fish species. In addition, this food is also known as very rich in flavor because it is cooked using spices.

Rich in tourism and digital concepts in the city of Indramayu, Biznet has been present in the city of Indramayu since 2014 as an Internet service provider. Through the services provided by Biznet, it can help the development of digital activities in Indramayu City and the Internet in developing village potential, marketing and speed of access and information services. One of the supports provided by Biznet to Kota Indramayu is to provide free Wi-Fi services in schools and public places such as Superior Elementary Schools and Sport Centers.

Biznet Branch Indramayu

Jl. Jendral Sudirman No.169 D
Kelurahan Lemahmekar, Kecamatan Indramayu,
Kabupaten Indramayu, Jawa Barat 45213