Blitar is located in the South of East Java. Geographically, Blitar is located at the foot of Mount Kelud, a strato volcano that is still active until now. From this natural condition, Blitar district has always been an area affected by Kelud volcanic lava for many years, starting from 1331. Blitar is known as a tobacco producer that has existed since the Dutch era in the 17th century. Even Blitar's economic progress has been determined by the success or failure of tobacco production.

Like other cities in East Java, Blitar also has potential tourism objects, such as Penataran Temple which is an old Hindu temple, Tambakrejo Beach with its fantastic waves, Serang Beach that often holds Larung Sesaji ceremonies, Soekarno's Tomb which is one of religious tourism object in Blitar, and many more. Besides that, Blitar also has authentique snacks such as Wajik Kletik and Opak Gambir.

Biznet's network has been present in Blitar since 2019 and continues to expand its network in more areas in Blitar, to deliver fast and reliable Internet services to all people in Blitar.

Biznet Branch Blitar

Jl. Kalimantan No.87 C,
Kepanjen Kidul, Sananwetan,
Kota Blitar, Jawa Timur 66137