Banjar is located in the east of Ciamis near the border of Central Java. The use of the name Banjar often confused many people because it is similar to the name of one district in Central Java, called Banjarnegara. Therefore, Banjar is also called as Banjar Patroman that has many attractive tourist spots including Situ Mustika, Banjar Atas Rest Area, Unnamed Pool in Mandalare, and Lapang Banti City Park.

The growth of Banjar has become the focus for the local government; including the growth of technology that has been done with the implementation of E-Government in Banjar. To support the implementation of E-Government, Biznet is now available in Banjar with services that specially designed to support digital activities of the people of Banjar, through Biznet Home service for home apartment users and Biznet Metronet service for SMBs.

Biznet Branch Banjar

Jl. Nasional III, Purwaharja, Banjar,
Kota Banjar, Jawa Barat 46331