Running is a sport choice that is popular with all levels of society, from children, and teenagers to adults. Apart from its convenience, this activity is relatively flexible because it could be done without spending a lot of money and doesn't take up alot of time.

Sport & Lifestyle

Running offers many health benefits, such as improving blood flow, reducing the risk of developing various diseases, meditation, regulating stress, and support a healthy lifestyle. Today, running has become a lifestyle for urbanites. In the midst of their busy activities, urban people take a time to do the exercise, no longer just following trends, but have begun to realize that exercise is an important part of human life.

Biznet Running

Biznet Running supports the healthy living movement and becomes a community for people who enjoy running. Apart from holding sporting events, Biznet Running also regularly supports national and international running sports events held in Indonesia, ranging from 10K to full marathon categories.

Biznet Supports National and International Running Events