• Coverage : 96 cities, 1,279 buildings, 437,053 homepass

About Biznet

Biznet is a company that focuses on telecommunication and multimedia business, with a commitment to build modern infrastructure to reduce Indonesia's digital gap with other developed countries. Biznet owns and operates the most advance fiber optic network and data center in Indonesia.

Biznet Values


Focused Passion

We love what we do - designing, building and operating innovative products and services that connect Indonesians.



Care for our customers is at the heart of our business. Their need for powerful, affordable and reliable connectivity drives us.


Can do Spirit

When we work together, and work smart, we can achieve anything. We believe that every challenge is an opportunity to grow. And we are a growth company.


Adi Kusma - President Director

Adi Kusma President Director

Adi Kusma is the Founder of Biznet and he has been leading the company as the President Director since Biznet was established in 2000.

Started with only less than 10 employees, Biznet has been growing significantly over the years. With strong background and experience in Information Technology industry, Adi has been successfully developing the company by not only focusing on Internet service, but also by developing Data Center, Cloud Computing and Cable TV services.

Adi holds Bachelor Degree from Oregon State University, majoring in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. Prior to Biznet's President Director, Adi was working as a System Programmer at Software House International (www.shi.com), Somerset, New Jersey - USA, where he focused on Network Infrastructure, Web Programming and Enterprise Resource Planning.

During his study in the US, he holds several honors and awards, including Oregon State Award 2009 as the Council of Outstanding Early Career Engineers, Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) and Computer Associated Certified Unicenter TNG Administrator. He is also actively involved in many associations, local and international, by becoming the member of Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE), APJII (Indonesian Association of Internet Service Providers), APITI (Association of Telephony Internet Providers), Mastel (Indonesia Telemathics Community) and HIPMI (Indonesian Young Enterpreneur Association).

"As one of leading telecommunication and multimedia companies in Indonesia, Biznet will not be big as of today without the support and contribution from all of our young and innovative employees. I believe our team is strong and will never stop creating technology innovations for Indonesia."

Adi Kusma

Vice President

Adindana Dasaad - Vice President, Sales Business

Adindana Dasaad Vice President, Sales Business

Adindana started her career at Biznet since 2008 to lead Enterprise Sales division. In 2012, she was promoted to Vice President Sales Biznet Data Center. At early 2015, Adindana was promoted to become Vice President Sales Business. Her experience and expertise in sales field are some of the key points to support the development of Biznet's sales team.

Agus Ariyanto - Vice President, Network

Agus Ariyanto Vice President, Network

Agus joined Biznet in 2004 and started his career as part of Biznet NOC (Network Operation Center) team. He was then promoted to become the Senior Manager for Network, before he was promoted again to become VP Network in 2017. As VP Network, he has the responsibility to make sure all network-related departments are making their best efforts to deliver reliable service to customers.

Bunny Diredja - Vice President, Project

Bunny Diredja Vice President, Project

Bunny Diredja is the Vice President Project starting in April 2016. Bunny is responsible for all network construction of Biznet. Previously, Bunny was the Vice President of Customer Experience since 2013 - early 2016, Customer Relation Manager since 2010 - 2013 and Customer Relation Supervisor since 2008 - 2010. His career at Biznet started in 2006 as Customer Care Specialist.

Endra Leonardy - Vice President, Sales Regional

Endra Leonardy Vice President, Sales Regional

Endra Leonardy is the Vice President Sales Regional and responsible for sales and marketing operation for all Biznet branch offices located outside Jakarta.

His main focus is on the development and execution of strategic planning in all Biznet branches, to improve Biznet brand awareness and also to penetrate the market to more areas in Indonesia.

Ferryus Seftanto - Vice President, Sales Biznet Data Center

Ferryus Seftanto Vice President, Sales Biznet Data Center

Ferryus Seftanto is the Vice President Sales Biznet Data Center since early 2015. His responsibilities include sales and marketing for Data Center services offered by Biznet.

Previously, Ferry was the Sales Manager Biznet Data Center Enterprise in 2014 - 2015 and Branch Manager in 2011 - 2014.

Lenny Moniaga - Vice President, Operation

Lenny Moniaga Vice President, Operation

Lenny Moniaga joined Biznet in 2003 as Customer Relation Manager before she was promoted as Vice President Operation.

Her responsibility is leading Human Capital, Property Relation and Inside Sales departments to operate efficiently and making sure that Biznet always delivers the best service. Her background and experience have been a great support to the success of Biznet.

Yudie Haryanto - Vice President, Marketing

Yudie Haryanto Vice President, Marketing

Yudie joined Biznet in 2007 and started his career as Marketing Executive. In the same year, he was promoted to become Enterprise Sales Manager, and his achievements have led him to become Vice President Sales Jakarta in 2010.

In early 2015, Yudie was promoted to become Vice President Marketing, responsible for increasing Biznet brand awareness in Indonesia and global.

Biznet Milestone

With the growing demand of a very reliable network infrastructure, we realized a lot of companies depend on a good infrastructure to manage their business.

Biznet was established in 2000 as an Internet Service Provider to provide Internet services for business customers. In 2000, we were using the Wireless and In-Building Ethernet Technology to distribute our Internet service. In 2005, we started to deliver our Internet and Network services using our own Fiber Optic network. With the support from a committed and the best engineering team, Biznet started to build its way towards to become one of the leading telecommunication and multimedia company in Indonesia.

  • 2000

    Biznet began operation on 1 October 2000 as Broadband Internet Service Provider in MidPlaza Complex in Jakarta Central Business District (CBD).

  • 2001

    Biznet launched Biznet Data Center - Jakarta MidPlaza, a Tier-2 Data Center facility with 700 m2 of raised floor space.

  • 2002

    Biznet used Infrared Laser and Wireless technologies to connect 7 high rise buildings in the Jakarta CBD.

  • 2003

    Biznet launched Broadband Internet service for small and medium musiness (SMB) and residential users using ADSL technology.

  • 2004

    Biznet started GlobalPOP operation in Singapore, as a hub to the Global Internet.

  • 2005

    Biznet built the first Fiber Optic Network in the Jakarta CBD – Sudirman area, using Metro Ethernet technology with a ring configuration.
    Total Biznet Fiber route: 10 KM.

  • 2006

    Biznet launched GlobalPOP in Tokyo and peer with Japan Internet Exchange (JPIX).
    Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to reach more area in Jakarta CBD area.
    Total Biznet Fiber route: 50 KM.

  • 2007

    Biznet launched Biznet Fiber with Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology, which was the first FTTH network in South East Asia.
    Total Biznet Fiber route: 250 KM.

  • 2008

    Biznet built a 300 KM inter-city network between Serang, Banten and Bandung, West Java to provide services for those areas.
    Total Biznet Fiber route: 1,000 KM.

  • 2009

    Biznet expanded the Biznet Fiber to Bali with 30 KM of Fiber Optic route.
    Total Biznet Fiber route: 1,200 KM.

  • 2010

    Biznet started Biznet Technovillage Project, a Tier 3 Data Center located in Cimanggis, West Java and launched Biznet Cloud service for enterprise market.
    Total Biznet Fiber route: 1,500 KM.

  • 2011

    Biznet launched Biznet Ventures to incubate new startup company.
    Biznet expanded 2 new GlobalPOPs in Manila, Philippines and Sydney, Australia.
    Biznet started IPv6 Address allocation.
    Total Biznet Fiber route: 2,500 KM.

  • 2012

    Biznet started max3 Studioworks, a multimedia production facility to produce in-house contents.
    Biznet Technovillage started operation on 18 July 2012.
    Biznet launched max3 Internet + Cable for residential and apartment users on 6 December 2012.
    Total Biznet Fiber route: 5,000 KM and Biznet Fiber Home: 20,000 homepasses.

  • 2013

    max3 Internet + Cable TV was launched in Bali and Biznet Fiber home network has reached 120,000 homepasses nationally.
    Total Biznet Fiber route: 7,500 KM and Biznet Fiber Home: 120,000 homepasses.

  • 2014

    Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to Sumatra and opened new branch offices in Palembang, Jambi and Padang.
    Biznet Data Center Bali started operation on 10 April 2014.
    Biznet Fiber home network has reached 200,000 homepasses nationally.
    Total Biznet Fiber route: 11,000 KM and Biznet Fiber Home: 200,000 homepasses.

  • 2015

    Biznet opened more branch offices in West Java & Central Java.
    Biznet rebranded its logo and service name.
    Biznet continues expanding Biznet Fiber network nationwide.
    Biznet Fiber Java Bangka Batam Singapore started operation on 7 August 2015 with 2x100 Gbps capacity.
    Total Biznet Fiber route: 15,000 KM and Biznet Fiber Home: 240,000 homepasses.

  • 2016

    Biznet continues to expand Biznet Fiber Java Bali network for Kediri - Mojokerto - Surabaya, Semarang - Kudus - Bojonegoro - Surabaya dan Denpasar - Amlapura (Karangasem) segments, including distribution network in existing cities.
    Biznet started the operation of the first branch office in Batam Island.
    Biznet Fiber distribution network has reached 325,000 homepasses nationally.
    Total Biznet Fiber Route: 17,000 KM.