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Broadband Internet For Small Medium Business (SMB)

In this dynamic Small Medium Business (SMB) world, a reliable and fast Internet connection is one of the main factors for a successful business. Biznet Metronet is a Super Fast Broadband Internet service targeted for Small Medium Business (SMB). With service from 30 to 500 Mbps and uses Biznet Fiber network, ensure your business always runs smoothly.

Service Features

  • Broadband Internet service from 30 - 500 Mbps
  • Safe, fast and stable connection
  • The connection uses RJ-45 cable, can be directly connected to a broadband router, firewall, proxy or an existing LAN switch
  • Large bandwidth capacity for local and international access
  • Free Biznet Wifi service
  • Free Biznet Video streaming

Service Package

Biznet Metronet service package options exclusively for Java, Bali and Batam Islands.

Service Broadband Internet IP Address Monthly Fee (Rp)  
Metronet 1 30 Mbps Dynamic Private 960,000 Register
Metronet 2 60 Mbps Dynamic Public 1,680,000 Register
Metronet 3 100 Mbps Dynamic Public 2,700,000 Register
Metronet 4 250 Mbps Dynamic Public 6,500,000 Register
Metronet 5 500 Mbps Dynamic Public 12,500,000 Register

Biznet Metronet service package options exclusively for Sumatera Island.

Service Bandwidth IP Address Monthly Fee (Rp)  
Metronet 1S 30 Mbps Dynamic Private 1,150,000 Register
Metronet 2S 60 Mbps Dynamic Public 2,000,000 Register
Metronet 3S 100 Mbps Dynamic Public 3,250,000 Register

Prices above are subject to VAT 10%

    For your consideration

  • For Metronet 1 and Metronet 1S are not available for installation in high rise buildings
  • All service prices are prepaid service.
  • All service prices stated above does not include installation fee and hardware fee.

Payment Method

  • Customer is required to pay first month package fee, installation fee, and hardware fee according to applicable service price.
  • Biznet Metronet 4 and 5 Customers don't have to pay for installation fee.
  • All prepaid payments are advised to use electronic payment, for more information please click here.


  • To check information about Biznet Fiber coverage area, please click here
  • Installation time around 3 - 7 working days after survey

Promo Biznet Metronet - Buy 10 Free 2

During the period of 1 January - 31 December 2018, Biznet Metronet is holding Biznet Metronet promo - Buy 10 Free 2 for all Biznet Metronet customers, including new and existing customers. If you purchase 10 (ten) months subscription in advance, you will get 2 (two) months free subscription, and in total you will get 12 (twelve) months months of subscription.

Terms & Conditions
  1. By subscribing 10 (ten) months in advance, you will get 2 (two) free months of subscription, and in total you will get 12 (twelve) months of subscription.
  2. This promo is only valid for Biznet Metronet packages with regular monthly price.
  3. This promo is applicable for all Biznet Metronet customers, including new and existing customers.
  4. Customers who follow promo and already subscribed more than 24 (twenty four) months are not allowed to make any changes to the service while the promo is still running.
  5. This promo cannot be combined with other promo or discount.
  6. Promo valid for multiple purchase.
  7. Promo cannot be refunded.
  8. The purchase of the promo by using Biznet Electronic Payment (BCA Virtual Account/Permata, Online Store, and Biznet Online Payment via KlikBCA) is applicable if only customer has requested proforma invoice for this particular promo.
  • This promo will not be extended for any reason.
  • Biznet is not liable for any form of fraud or other acts commited by third parties/other parties on behalf of Biznet (PT Supra Primatama Nusantara).
  • Decision on the interpretation of the terms and conditions of this promotion program, and decisions related to the implementation of this program is in the hands Biznet promo and cannot be changed. Biznet is free from all forms of claims relating to such matters.
  • Biznet reserves the right to postpone or terminate or alter the terms and conditions of this promotion program at any time if necessary. In such circumstances, changes will be announced through the Biznet website.

Information Services

For further information related to this promotion program, please visit the nearest Biznet Branch Office, Biznet Store or Biznet Cube, or contact Biznet Call Center.
Biznet Call Center 1500988 atau email ke customer_care@biznetnetworks.com.

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