Bali Beach Cleaning Program

Indonesia has amazing natural resources with a beauty that attracts many tourists from all over the globe. As part of Indonesia, Biznet has the responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of our natural resources. As a CSR program that focuses on community, Biznet launches a program called Biznet Bali Beach Cleaning Program that focuses on the cleanliness of Bali beaches.

Why Bali? Bali is the number one tourist destination in Indonesia that we must always maintain so it can always attract tourists, local and international, to come and visit. Biznet is hoping to be able to run the same program in other beaches in Indonesia. Through this program, Biznet is providing beach cleaning tractor used to clean the trash around the beach area.


The Beauty of Bali Beach

The island of Gods have become one of the main destinations for domestic and international tourists due to the beauty or nature, culture, and the people offered by the island of Bali.

Bali Declares 'Garbage Emergency' Due to Many Trash Issues

Whats on your mind when you see a pile of trash? Do you know that trash has become a major issue that Indonesia need to deal with?

Biznet Launched Bali Beach Cleaning Program

Keeping our environment clean is our job, including keeping our beach clean.


With Biznet, let's take care of the cleanliness of our beaches.
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