Blood Donation Program

This program has become Biznet's annual agenda in partnership with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), which is the company's social responsibility to help the people in need. Biznet Blood Donation event was opened for public and invited those whose offices are located near the event's location. Every year, Biznet Blood Donation event was attended by more than 150 donors with the same spirit, which is to help and give positive support to those who are in need.

Looking at the high number of people who need this kind of support, Biznet also conducts the same event in other cities in Indonesia, at Biznet branch offices in many cities. Biznet also invites other institutions who are interested to participate and help others. Biznet believes that a drop of blood can be a light of hope for those in need.


The Needs of Blood Donation in Indonesia

The minimum requirement of bloods in Indonesia has reached 5,1 million bags a year. But the production of bloods and the components is only 4,1 million bags, which is still below requirement.

Biznet Hold Blood Donation Events

Biznet Blood Donation is an annual program conducted by Biznet as part of company's social responsibility, especially to help those in need.

Tips on How to Prepare for Blood Donation

Blood donations a healthy and noble thing to do. Healthy because it can lower down the risk of cancer, heart attack for those who are overweight, and reduce the level of iron, and help to detect health condition.


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