Scholarship Program

As a company with a concern about the quality of education for the good of a country, Biznet has a strong commitment to support the government to improve education in Indonesia. Biznet scholarship program will provide support for Indonesian students of college students to continue their study, with a potential to give significant impact to the growth of our country.

Biznet sees that the growth of a company also depends on the contributions of the young generations. Biznet also realizes that as part of Indonesia, Biznet hopes that this program can support all educational programs run by the government to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.


Tips on How to Pass Scholarship Selection

Who will refuse to get a chance to win a scholarship program? You will receive support in terms of funds and education requirements for free.

Biznet Supports the Improvement of the Quality of Education in Indonesia

Based on government's data about the education background of most employees in Indonesia, 42,5% are Elementary graduates, 66% Middle school graduates and 85% are High school graduates.

Biznet Support Education by Launching Scholarship Program

Education is an important foundation for the best of our country, and education holds crucial role to give better future for a better life.


Reach your dreams with Biznet through our scholarship program.
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