The Development of Skate Arena

Not only focus on health and education, through Biznet Foundation, Biznet also supports several other sectors such as sports. For this category, Biznet has s special program to establish Skate Arena that focuses on creative young generations to express their creativity in the field of sport, one of which is skateboard. Looking at the high number of skateboard communities in Indonesia, Biznet realizes that the requirement for spaces to express the hobby of skateboarding is also increasing,

The development of Skate Arena is not only focuses on good design, bit also focused on the reliability of the arena. This program is hoped to be a good place to young generations and communities to create something positive out of their hobbies.


Biznet Supports Skaters Community By Building Skate Parks

As part of company supports for the development of sports, Biznet is working together with the city & local government in building Biznet Skate Park in public areas and facilities such as public parks or open spaces.

Skateboard Community in Indonesia

Talking about skateboard, we might think straight about extreme and adrenaline pumping kind of sport. But as sport that is loved mostly by young generations, skateboarding is still considered as a fun kind of sport as well.


Develop your skating hobby with a good skating rink.
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