Biznet Supports Skaters Community By Building Skate Parks

  • 09 June 2020

As part of company supports for the development of sports, Biznet is working together with the city & local government in building Biznet Skate Park in public areas and facilities such as public parks or open spaces.

Skateboard has become one of the extreme sports loved by many young generations in Indonesia, and Biznet Skate Park is dedicated to become the medium for young generations to express their hobbies and to explore their creativity in the field of skateboarding, specifically for skaters communities in Indonesia, for both amateurs and expert players. Visitors can also watch their favorite athletes playing at Biznet Skate Park.

In building the skate park, Biznet was not just focusing on great design and proper construction, because Biznet is also focusing on security factor, which has become one of the main focus in building Biznet Skate Parks in every city.

Through Biznet CSR programs that focuses mainly on sports, Biznet hopes to support the growth of skateboard in Indonesia, and to encourage young generations in Indonesia to create and develop their potentials positively. One of the most effective ways to be done is to facility and provide facilities for skateboarders in many cities in Indonesia to continue making positive impacts and to build the awareness about the importance of exercise for our body and health.

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