On 20 October 2020 the big family of Biznet is celebrating our 20th anniversary. Although we have to celebrate the special moment during the on-going pandemic this year, we still hold a strong commitment to provide our customers with the best services to support the transformation of the digital era. Please allow us to express our gratitude for your support and loyalty for the past 20 years. We assure you that we will always support your digital activities with the highest quality Internet connection, and we will always stay beside you to go through this COVID-19 pandemic by providing the best digital support at home.

For the last 20 years we’ve been providing customers with high quality Internet technology and received many amazing achievements, including the expansion of our coverage area that covers more than 110 cities in Indonesia, and 45,000+ KM of Fiber Optic network that spreads across the islands of Java, Bali, Sumatera, Batam, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. Last month, our service was officially available in Medan, North Sumatra and we officially opened a new Head Office in Bali, which focuses on sales and operational activities in Eastern area of Indonesia.

In the moment of Biznet’s 20th anniversary, as a form of the company’s concerns to the community during this COVID-19 pandemic, Biznet officially launches one of our business subsidiaries, PT Prima Medix Nusantara (PrimaMedix), which focus on health industry by producing high quality mask products. As a form of PrimaMedix’s support towards #GerakanPakaiMasker, PrimaMedix produces two types of mask: Surgical Mask 3-Ply and Respiratory Mask N95 at the best quality that meets health industry stahdards. For more information, please visit primamedix.net.

Biznet also gives Free Biznet Home bandwidth upgrade from 1-31 October 2020, to continue supporting customers’ work from home and online learning activities. We also give Open All Channel for free to all Biznet IPTV customers. Customers who register for Biznet service from 1-3 October 2020 will also enjoy Biznet Home Installation Promo, which is only Rp 20,000. For complete information about promo programs, follow our Instagram @biznethome, visit biznethome.net or contact Biznet Home Care at 1500933, email to home_care@biznetnetworks.com, or through Live Chat at biznethome.net and Whatsapp at +62-811-9690-8888.

Managed Kubernetes to Increase Your Business Productivity

Every business industry certainly wants a fast time to market with efficient cost. Therefore, infrastructure used must be dynamic in order to support business development. Micro services infrastructure could accelerate deployment process and has high scalability to support feature development process or application on services. As the business grows, managing a micro services architecture can be a challenge for companies. By using Kubernetes technology, micro service architecture management becomes more organized. This is because Kubernetes can orchestrate by providing a more advanced system for managing various resources or containers used while integrating them, thus the entire pipeline management process can run smoothly.

Biznet Gio comes with Managed Kubernetes service as a solution to simplify the process of implementing micro services technology by managing Kubernetes clusters in an optimal and structural manner. In some more sensitive industries such as fintech, Managed Kubernetes services will provide advantages such as Enhanced Security, Faster Delivery and Seamless Integration so as to increase business value in consumers’ perception.

With Kubernetes, users can apply the CI / CD (continuous integration / continuous deployment) model to speed up the pipeline development management process for an application or service while providing a better security system. To provide assurance that the service is safe and has high availability, Biznet GIO has met various standards for information security management as well as financial transactions by obtaining ISO 27001 and PCI DSS. For more information about Managed Kubernetes services or to consult directly with our Cloud Expert, please contact sales@biznetgio.com. Our Cloud Expert is always ready to help anytime.

Enjoy the Best Sunset Experience at Rock Bar, Bali

Sitting sweetly on rock formations along Jimbaran's scenic sunset coast, Rock Bar Bali is known as one of the world's most popular places to enjoy sunsets, cocktails and entertainment. With unrivaled views of 14 meters above the Indian Ocean, Rock Bar is accessible via AYANA's dramatic inclinator. Order now and enjoy the best sunset experience in Bali.

The New Biznet Fiber Coverage Area




Kawasan Jimbaran Hilltown


Perumahan Harvestland Residence Jimbaran


Gedung Eduplex


Ruko Lumbung Rezeki


Kelurahan Darmasaba


Kelurahan Peguyangan Kaja


Perumahan Grand Sambada


Perumahan Syamsa Naura Residence

Jakarta Barat

Gedung Trisula Center

Jakarta Pusat

Gedung Menara Era

Jakarta Selatan

Gedung Menara Karya

Jakarta Selatan

Gedung Oleos 2

Jakarta Selatan

Gedung Wisma Millenia

Jakarta Selatan

Villa Pejaten Town House

Jakarta Timur

Kelurahan Kramat Jati

Jakarta Utara

Ruko Janur Elok


Kelurahan Doko


Perumahan Graha Mukti Regency


Kelurahan Sukabumi Indah


Ruko Demangan


Ruko Madiun Indah


Ruko Bhayangkara


Ruko Kranggan Permai


Ruko Niaga Square


Ruko Surodinawan


Ruko Bangkong Plaza 2


Ruko Darmo Permai Square


Ruko Grand Margomulyo Center


Ruko Royal Paka


Pergudangan Ocean Park

Biznet Tips

How to Improve the Speed of Your Internet Connection, Important for Gamers!

Playing online games on your desktop, laptop or smartphone requires maximum performance, both from your device and Internet connection, since they will affect your gaming experience. Therefore, make sure your Internet connection is at its top performance and speed, and you might want to know 5 tips on how to improve the speed of your Internet connection below:

#1. Open your game apps and close other applications

Closing other apps in your device when you play online games can improve the game performance. When many apps running simultaneously the computing process on your device will work harder and requires extra bandwidth.

#2. Turn off Auto Update and Background Refresh features

In normal condition, these two features will send your notifications on their most recent updates, which requires you to run updates accordingly. But do you really need to receive pop-up notifications in the middle of an exciting war game? It is highly recommended that you turn off these two features manually so you can enjoy your game time without any interruption from pop-up notifications that might affect the game.

#3. Use the best Internet connection

Using Tethering hotspot or WiFi with Fiber Optic technology is highly recommended to have the best gaming experience. With network stability and speed, you will get the best WiFi connection. When you play using your mobile device, you might find it harder to find available and good WiFi connection, so you are forced to use your mobile network. It's not wrong, but of course there is a price to pay. The use of large data will be the main consequences, not to mention having to drain the battery life.

#4. Stay close to Router or use high quality LAN Cable

Staying near your WiFi router at home can be a way to speed up your Internet connection. Logically, the closer you are to the WiFi signal transmitter, the better the connection you’ll have. But remember to make sure other devices are not using the connection so you can enjoy maximum bandwidth performance to play your game. In addition, you can also use the help of high quality LAN cable to connect to the Internet network that you use at home.

#5. Use the right service package

The most logical way to speed up your Internet connection is by using a service package that specifically customized for gaming purposes. Internet gaming packages provided by providers usually have higher price, but guarantees better connection quality. Of course, this does not mean that other packages are not qualified, it's just that the connection will perform better to be used for specific needs.