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Biznet Launches A New Payment Method, Mandiri Virtual Account

To continue providing customers with better and improved service, Biznet is officially launching a new payment method for all Biznet Prepaid and Postpaid service customers, using Mandiri Virtual Account. The new payment method will add to the existing payment methods, and customers can still make payment using other methods as well. For complete information about Biznet service payment methods, visit

And for all our customers who are ready to welcome the holy month of Ramadhan, please allow us, the big family of Biznet, to wish you a happy fasting in the special of Ramadhan 1441 Hijriah. May all the prayers can be the perfect moment to be a better person in the future, with a hope that we can all pass this difficult time together. Marhaban yaa Ramadhan.

Easy Steps to Create Live Streaming Events

In the digital era like today, everything can be done online, including conducting live streaming events. Not only simpler, conducting events online can actually grab more audience. So how can we actually conduct a live streaming event? Check out the following easy steps here

Save The Cost up to 40% by Optimizing Cloud Usage

As the USD currency is increasing against IDR, more companies in Indonesia are making their ways to save costs immediately. Reducing infrastructure cost of the optimization of cloud usage alone could effectively sustain the financial condition of the company. A successful example was coming from UangTeman who optimized their cloud usage with the help of Biznet Gio, where they can save up to 40% of their infrastructure costs in 2020.

UangTeman, as a top peer-to-peer lending fintech in Indonesia, was getting comprehensive support from Biznet Gio to reevaluate their public cloud usage, start from handily providing assessment, objectives alignment, new architecture recommendation, and implementation in less than three weeks. As a result, not only was cloud cost saved up to 40%, the management of UangTeman is now able to monitor thoroughly all computing resources allocated to every stakeholder.

Biznet Gio is always enhancing partners and customers to spend optimally and gain effectiveness from their infrastructure usage on any cloud or any on-premises environment. To learn how Biznet Gio Cloud can help Your company to save the infrastructure cost, please contact

Stay Longer with Special Rate at AYANA Bali

For you who wish to extend your stay in Bali, you can get special rates for booking a room at AYANA Resort and Spa, BALI or The Villas at AYANA Resort, BALI.

The special offers are available starting from a 14-night package at AYANA Resort and Spa, for US$ 1,500++ and 30-night package for US$ 2,500++. As for The Villas at AYANA Resort, BALI, the package is starting from a 14-night package for US$ 4,200++ and a 30-night package for US$ 7,000++. These packages only include rooms, housekeeping service (twice per week) and limited interaction with employees during the stay. Additional breakfast costs of US$ 10 ++/person, per day. For reservations, contact us via or call +62-361-702-222.

The New Biznet Fiber Coverage Area




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Biznet Tips

5 Tips to Stay Motivated to Conduct WFH During Fasting

Working from Home (WFH) while fasting has its own challenges and sensations, especially when you have a lot of work to do during Ramadhan. Fasting is not a reason to be unproductive, even though we are currently doing more work from home. Therefore, there are a number of ways for you to stay motivated to conduct WFH, even when you are fasting.

Here are the tips!

#1. Never Miss Your Sahur Time

Sahur is highly important since it will make your body strong and stay healthy to carry out many activities during fasting. In addition, do not forget that nutritious intake is also required to help you stay energized during WFH, until the time to break the fast arrives.

#2. Fulfill Needs of Fluids during Iftar and Sahur

Food is not the only thing that you should pay attention to. Fluid intake is also important and it is highly required by your body during fasting. You can fulfill your needs of fluids during iftar and sahur.

#3. Utilize Break Time at Its Best

When working from home, you will definitely need time to rest. Even though your break time isn't too long, you can still use it to restore your sense of enthusiasm when you start working again. You can use your break time by taking a nap to restore energy.

#4. Reduce Activities that can Lose Spirit

If you are busy with lots of deadlines, it would be nice to reduce activities outside the work that can make you feel more tired and eliminate your sense of enthusiasm during work.

#5. Perform Light Exercise

Even though you're fasting, it doesn't mean you have to stop exercising altogether. In addition to relieving stress, exercise can also make the body more refreshed. Exercise can also help you to maintain stamina thus the body does not get tired easily and develop diseases.