The era of digital inspires and encourages many people to create new innovations and explore creativities through the utilization of digital media. This trend can be seen in Surabaya, which is the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, where many people in the city has been utilizing digital media to support their business or personal activities. Based on the growing trend, Biznet, as an integrated infrastructure digital company in Indonesia, is strongly committed to support the rapid growth of digital activities done by the people of Surabaya by expanding our network and coverage area throughout the city.

After officially launched our network expansion to Surabaya in 2008, Biznet has always been committed to provide the best service for all customers in Surabaya. One of the programs that Biznet has been conducting is a program that provides free WiFi Internet service through Biznet Hotspot, which people can easily access in many public places and facilities including Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Schools, and Universities, such as Adhi Tama Technology Institute, Hang Tuah University, SMAN 9, and SMKN 5 Surabaya. Biznet hopes to be able to continue providing high quality Internet services supported by the latest and most advanced infrastructure to support digital activities in Surabaya. For information about Biznet in Surabaya, please visit

For complete information about Biznet, follow our Instagram @biznethome, or visit where you can also use Live Chat feature to directly speak with our agent through chat or toll-free calls.

Easy Website Development in 5 Minutes with NEO Web Space!

You might still think that creating a website needs complicated process, starting from buy a new hosting, domain, design the HTML, etc. Today, many business owners have been utilizing various digital platforms to run digital transformation and expand their business. One of which is by owning a website. Website is not only able to increase business credibility, but also enable you to reach wider audience as well as improving service quality. Hence, website can be the right solution for business owners to strengthen their existences in digital era.

Therefore, Biznet Gio provides NEO Web Space as the right solution for website development. NEO Web Space can be the perfect solution for business owners to easily run digital transformation. NEO Web Space enables everyone to make website without have to deal with the coding process or prepare the hosting issues. Moreover, NEO Web Space is also completed with various responsive templates with layouts that will automatically adjust to any screens or gadgets. To ensure website security, NEO Web Space service is also completed with free SSL feature (Secure Socket Layer), thus protecting security access to website visitors. Moreover, SSL also makes your website look more professional and SEO-friendly.

Now everyone can create their own website and apply digital transformation as well as strengthen business identity simultaneously in the digital era. By using NEO Web Space service, you can enjoy IDR 25,000 discounts for the first three months by using voucher code: NEOWEB25 and immediately have your own website in just 5 minutes via For complete information or how to quickly create a website with NEO Web Space, visit

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Dreaming of having a vacation on the island of Bali or in Labuan Bajo without have to worry about when to stay overnight? Order your voucher now and determine the period of your stay later. Prices start from IDR 2,190,000 ++ / room / night at AYANA Resort and Spa, BALI and IDR 2,482,000 ++ / room / night at AYANA Komodo Resort.

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The New Biznet Fiber Coverage Area




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Biznet Tips

Pay Attention to These 5 Things Before Buying a WiFi Router!

Choosing a WiFi router should be done carefully, because it will have direct effect to the speed of Internet network that you are using. There are several things that need to be considered before making a choice so that your chosen router can really be the right one with the highest quality, since a router is actually the one device that can has the ability to optimally exude WiFi signal from your Internet provider. So, to help you go trough the consideration process of choosing the right WiFi router, you can read the following tips:

#1. WiFi Router Security Factors

Consider security factor on router that you want to buy. Ensure that you buy a router with recommended security system (for now, perhaps the best one is WPA2). There are several types of security system, namely WPA2, WPA, and WEP. For those of you who have family or maybe small children in the house that will use WiFi, you can also look for routers with IP block features, so you can block sites that are prohibited and cannot be accessed by children.

#2. Router with Dual-band Feature

Selection of a router with dual-band feature is highly recommended so that the Internet network transmitted by the router can be more stable. The frequencies to be used are 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz. But you also have to be careful, because not a few routers that proclaim dual-band but can only use one type of frequency at a time.

#3. Internal or External Antenna?

The antenna itself will increase the range of the router so that the transmitted Internet can be enjoyed at a further point. When it comes to access distances, an external antenna is recommended. Ideally, a router with an antenna of this type can transmit a farther wave, even on some high-quality routers; the signal can penetrate a fairly thick barrier. But you can also choose a router with an internal antenna, if you consider the aesthetics and the space you have is not too large.

#4. Ensure the Router is Using 802.11n System

Each router will be equipped with the wireless system that it uses. If the old production router is 802.11ac, then you should choose the latest router that uses 802.11n systems or technology. Because it allows the router to work more optimally to connect with the device you are using.

#5. Router Transmission Speed Capacity

Last, also ensure router transmission speed capacity is at the right point, ideally the router will have a range between 350 to 1,900 Mbps. Of course, choosing this router will be better if you consult with the Internet service provider you choose, thus the maximum speed provided can really be felt when you are connected to the Internet.