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Tips on How to Make Your WiFi Internet Fast and Stable

The ongoing pandemic requires us to adapt to the new normal condition. One of which is to work and study from home, as part of the efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 virus.

To live the new normal and to keep us productive at home, we have to have a fast and stable Internet connection available, so that all of our digital activities can run smoothly. So, what can we do to keep WiFi Internet at home remains fast and stable? Here are some tips for you!

1. Check the Internet Speed

Make sure the speed of the connection with balanced bandwidth for downloads and uploads. To check the Internet speed, you can use a speed test from Biznet, which can be accessed on speedtest.biznetnetworks.com Then, what should we do if the Internet speed is slow?

2. Restart the Router Device

The first thing to do when your Internet is slow is to check your router, and restart the device, because maybe, the router is not connected properly to the available Internet network.

3. Make Sure The Firmware is Updated

To optimize the router, you have to make sure that the firmware on the router device is the most up-to-date version, because firmware could be one of the triggers that caused trouble to your WiFi Internet connection.

4. Change WiFi Internet Password Regularly

Changing passwords regularly is important so that the number of people who use your WiFi Internet do not exceed its capacity, and the WiFi Internet speed remains stable. Moreover, make sure that the password consists of a unique combination of numbers and letters so unknown people will find it hard to access your WiFi Internet connection.

5. #PakeBiznet for Fast and Stable WiFi Internet

Use fast and stable WiFi Internet from Biznet to make all your digital activities at home run smoothly.

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