Solo is the name of a city in Central Java Province, Indonesia. This city is located on strategic route, which is a meeting point from Semarang and from Yogyakarta to Surabaya and Bali. The area around this city is also often referred as Surakarta. Solo is in the equatorial climate region, which makes the air warm and humid, with everyday language used is the Javanese Mataraman dialect.

Solo has many attractive tourist destinations which must be visited, one of the most famous destination in Solo is Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu. This destination is in the form of an 80 meter high waterfall, located on the west side of Mount Lawu. This waterfall is the highest waterfall in Central Java region. Besides that, if you want to learn more detail about Solo history, you have to visit Surakarta Palace (Keraton Surakarta). This building is built by Susuhunan Pakubuwana II in 1744 to replace the Kartasura Palace (Keraton Kartasura) which was destroyed in the aftermath of Geger Pecinan commotion in 1743. It�s incomplete when visiting Solo if you don�t try specialty foods in this region, one of the must-try foods in Solo is Liwet Rice (Nasi Liwet). This food is served with savory rice, jipang vegetables, chicken meat, eggs, coconut milk soup and served on banana leaves.

In this batik city, Biznet has been here since 2015 and provides free internet service through Biznet Hotspot in several locations, namely Solo Grand Mall and Hartono Mall. In addition, Biznet also provides free internet service in several schools in Solo in the hope of helping them in teaching and learning activities. Biznet Hotspot is available at SMKN 4, SMKN 5, SMKN 6, SMKN 7, and SMK Assalaam.

Biznet Branch Solo

Ruko Solo Centre Point, Jl. Slamet Riyadi No.371,
Sondakan, Kec. Laweyan,
Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah 57147