The popularity of Singaraja is not as big as Denpasar, which is the Capital of Bali Province. But, do you know that Singaraja was once a big city with a crucial role for the people of Bali? Once, Singaraja was known as the center of Government for the Kingdom of Buleleng, one of the biggest kingdoms in Bali. After the independence day of Indonesia, Singaraja in Buleleng had a function similar to what Denpaar has today.

As the city rich of historical values, Singaraja has its own charms that attract tourists. In Singaraja, tourists usually interested to visit Gedong Kirtya, located in the same building as Buleleng Museum. Moreover, tourists are also attracted to go around Singaraja to visit buildings located in Jalan Ahmad Yani and several old buildings near The Government of Buleleng office.

The availability of Biznet service in Singaraja is hoped to support the people in Singaraja's digital activities, to further support the city's economic growth.

Biznet has been available in Singaraja since February 2019.

Biznet Branch Singaraja

Jl. Seririt- Singaraja No.Desa,
Tukadmungga, Kec. Buleleng,
Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81119