Salatiga City is a retired city located at the northern foot of Mount Merbabu, within 49 KM south of Semarang City and 52 KM north of Solo City. As one of the cities located on the downhill of mountain, Salatiga City has cool air, and is also quite known for its culinary tourism and natural beauty.

Known as a transit city on the North Beach (Pantura) route, Salatiga has a delicious culinary riches. Must-try foods when you visit this city is Suruh Beef Satay (Sate Sapi Suruh), this legendary dish has been around since 1987, the tender meat and delicious peanut sauce will make you addicted. And for goat meat lovers, you also must try Gecok Kambing. This Salatiga specialty food has distinctive coconut milk sauce with spices and roasted coconut flakes. Besides its culinary tourism, Salatiga is also known with its natural beauty. If you love hiking, you can try to climb Mount Merbabu, since this mountain is one of the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia.

Biznet has been officially operated in Salatiga since Maret 2015 and provides free internet service through Biznet Hotspot in some locations, one of them is in Pancasila Town Square (Alun-Alun Pancasila). Pancasila Town Square is famous destination among locals and tourists. Besides in Town Square, Biznet Hotspot network also available in Selaras Kartini and Diponegoro Street. With the availability of this free internet service, people of Salatiga can easily access internet by using free Wi-Fi connection from Biznet.

Biznet Branch Salatiga

Diponegoro Square, Jl. Diponegoro No.77,
Jawa Tengah 50714